It is a form of depth Psychology that focuses on the unconscious and past experiences, to determine current behavior. The client is encouraged to think about childhood relationship with parents and other significant people, the primary focus is to reveal the unconscious content of a client’s psyche in an effort to alleviate psychic tension.


Psychotherapy aims to help clients gain insight into their difficulties or distress, establish a greater understanding of their motivation, and enable them to more appropriate ways of coping or bring about changes in their thinking and behavior. It involves exploring feelings, beliefs, thoughts and relevant events, sometimes from childhood and personal history, in a structured way with someone trained to help you do it safely.




It is a therapy that is undertaken with a subject in hypnosis. Hypnosis is a Greekword, which means, “sleep”. Hypnotherapy is a treatment that is based on the philosophy that the mind and body do not work in isolation. By sending the patient into a hypnotic state the therapist aims to trigger the body’s mental and physical self-healing process that lie in the sub-conscious. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and concentration along with the state of heightened awareness induced by suggestion. It is a natural trance state, like day dreaming, when the mind is relaxed and focused, where time passes very quickly, accompanied by good feeling of deep, relaxation of mind and body. The therapist is able to suggest ideas, concepts and lifestyle adaptations to the patient, the seeds of which become firmly planted. It can be applied to many psychological, mental and physical disorders. It is also used in pain management, de-addiction and managing problems like bed-wetting, stammering, low self-esteem and several chronic illness.


Behaviour TherapyBehaviour Therapy

It deals with the re-conditioning or de-conditioning of the faulty behaviors. It is done by Systematic Desensitization, Behavior Modification and Aversion Therapy. This therapy can be used to treat the wide range of psychological conditions – Depression, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Insomnia and certain addictions, phobias, obesity.


Marital Therapy

Marital Therapy

Marital Therapy is a treatment to help improve a marriage by increasing communication and understanding between married partners. Marital Therapy assists couples in working more effectively as a couple and in cultivating mutually acceptable problem-solving strategies, it deals with the problems like – inability to compromise, sexual difficulties, financial disputes, child-rearing conflict, extended family issues.

During sessions of Marital Therapy, therapists help couples to work through their difficulties which may include estrangement and loss of loving feelings, communication problems, mismatched expectations and competitive struggles to determine whose vision and goods will dominate. Couples that have the best chance for recovery are those who are both motivated to keep their marriage alive. Couples who arrive at marital therapy with one or more partners ambivalent with regard whether to remain committed to the marriage, whose problems are more severe or are characterized by more disengagement, or who are unwilling or unable to compromise are less likely to successfully work things out. Couples who arrive at therapy with one of the partners already emotionally disengaged from the other may be beyond help.

Marital Enrichment Therapy is performed with normal couples who wish to improve their relationships to bring the best.


Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family Therapy focuses on relationships within the family unit. It involves the whole family or several family members, all meeting with the therapist. This is helpful if the family is having problems getting along. It can also be used with one family member who has a problem, and family relationships may be contributing to or maintaining the problem. It is often short – term; it may include all family members or just those most able to participate. This can teach skills to deepen family connections and to get through stressful times.


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