About Me

Dr. Neha Malhotra is a well qualified and an experienced Doctor in the branch of Psychology. She is completely devoted to the well-being of human kind, which encompasses mental and behavioral health. Her mission is to provide helping hands toward all the sectors of human life so that psychological stress can be reduced and positive health can be promoted. She works with the families and couples in order to promote positivity into the relationships.

Qualifications: B.A, M.A in Psychology, Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy; also done M.Sc. in Human Development from Moolchand Hospital Delhi. She has also done Diploma in Child Education.

She has Conducted seminars to spread awareness amongst people about various Health issues and the common ailments people are suffering in day-to-day life.

She has dealt with various topics like PARENTING TIPS, ANGRY CHILD, SUICIDE, HEALTHY ADOLSCENCE and many more.

She is a PSYCHOTHERAPIST as well and has also specialized in Marital Therapy, that deals with the issues of the personal problems of couples. She has also done a Diploma in Educating Special Needed Children and she has an extensive working experience in this field.

She merges the old therapies with the new ones in order to attain the target aims of the client in the minimum possible seatings. She also uses Biofeedback apparatuses in therapies.

Dr. Neha Malhotra has also given her inputs and articles in various TV channels and magazines as well as newspapers.


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