SECURE ATTACHMENT ( low avoidance , low anxiety ) – If you relate positively to others and yourself , you probably have a secure attachment style. Secure attached people are generally happy in their relationships , feeling that they and others are sensitive and responsible to each other. they sense that connection can provide comfort and relief in times of need. They also feel that they are good, loved, and accepted and competent people.

PREOCCUPIED ATTACHMENT (low avoidance , high anxiety ) – If you are always worried about what others think of you and don’t really factor in your thoughts and feelings , this type of attachment most likely fits you. One feels a powerful need to be close to others , and they show this by clinging. They need a lot of validation and approval. They are concerned that others don’t value them. They also doubt their own worth in relationships ; so they often worry a lot about their relationships.

DISMISSING – AVOIDANCE STYLE ( high avoidance , low anxiety ) – Although the need of connection is biologically wired in people , those with this style of attachment deny it . They like to see themselves as independent and self- sufficient and they minimize the importance of relationship.To keep their relationship important , they suppress or hide their feelings. they also often think of other people less positively than they think of themselves. When faced with rejection they  cope with it by distancing themselves.

FEARFUL – AVOIDANCE STYLE (high avoidance , high anxiety ) – people with this style of attachment often think of themselves as flawed , dependent and helpless. and they think they are not worthy of loving or caring responses from their partners. They don’t trust that others see them positively, and they expect to get hurt. Although they want to be close to others they also fear it. They often avoid intimacy and suppress their feelings.


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