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Do you sear more often than you want ? Think about it ! why ?????

Read ahead ….. why do i sear ??? is it because its a …..

  1. PAIN RELIEF ? Do you feel relaxed after swearing ? Swearing activates the so called fight or flight response, leading to a surge of adrenalin and a corresponding analgesic effect.
  2. POWER AND CONTROL – Does swearing gives you a greater sense of power and control over a bad situation ? by swearing we show (just to over-selves ) that we are not passive victims but powered to react and fight back.
  3. NON-VIOLENT RETRIBUTION – Swearing enable us to get back at bad people or situation without having to resort to violence.
  4. HUMOR – Swearing among friends can be quite hilarious.
  5. PEER AND SOCIAL BONDING – Swearing can serve to show that we belong in a certain group , or that we are able to be over selves and so wholly comfortable with the members of that group.
  6. SELF- EXPRESSION – Swearing can be a way of showing that we really mean something ( putting emphasis).

7.   PSYCHOLOGICAL AND PHYSICAL REASONS – Swearing results in increases circulation , elevated endorphins and overall sense of calmness .


***** This article is not to promote swearing but just an effort to understand the reasons why do humans of every culture , country , region swear . If you can think of any other good reason , please add them in the comment section . *****



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