Rude gestures , verbal insults , physical assaults , beating , rebuking , killing and murdering ;  Road Rages can go to any extend. The matter of concern is increase in the number of such cases .

Lot of conditions may be contributing to it – traffic congestion , weather , pollutions , time constrains and other frustrations.

Road Rage can happen to anybody anytime. Thus we must aim to prevent them.

HOW !!!!!

  1. Plan ahead and allow enough time for delays
  2. Give your driving your full attention
  3. Dont take your frustration out on other drivers ; rather loosen up and breath deeply.
  4. Take proper sleep
  5. Remember your vehicle is a mode of transportation and not a weapon
  6. Treat fellow drivers how you would like to be treated
  7. Driving is not a is not about winning.
  8. Focus on self rather than blaming others
  9. Hostility is toxic as well as risky
  10. Realize that you cannot control the drivers around you….. you can control only the way you react to them.


MANTRA – ‘ WE ARE ALL GOOD DRIVERS ( accidents can happen by or with anyone )


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