How many birthday’s of your life do you remember ?

And how many of them as your great birthday’s.

If we talk about the great birthday’s ; which one’s those were- 3rd …. 5th … 10th… 15th… 35th..?????

I really wish i could get the instant reply’s . what made me write this was m y son’s excitement of on his 5th birthday; his great memories of 3rd birthday.

It was a great experience seeing him so unconditionally and unnaturally happy for the day he was born. probably i felt it unnatural as the excitement of our birthday’s by this age has faded away somewhere. but why ?

Why cant we be similarly exited as we use to be on our 4th … 10th & 13th.. birthday.

Probably because we understand the permanency of the life & death cycle, or we simply become use to of ‘THE DAY’.

NO, this is simply not done. At times we must forget certain ( Real ) thing about life & get lost in the fairy world. At times at least we must pamper the child in us & feel the excitement of our birthday party , gifts, cards , cakes , Pranks & games.

YES, change is the only permanent things in life, but don’t allow this to change THE NATURAL YOU ( at least at time).





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